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Building social capital and employability
through creativity and the connected economy
to reduce re-offending

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Human creativity is endless,
but for offenders the words “No!” and “it will never work” dominate.

Creativity allows an offender to learn about themselves; to develop to their fullest potential and to survive in an ever changing world,
with many mutually reinforcing strands supporting resettlement

Creativity is the way that we explore the world, its about curiosity, passion and confidence. The act of creating and making for an individual is deeply satisfying, life affirming and is key to developing a rewarding existence. By being able to explore ideas and situations from differing perspectives, we are better equipped to problem solve and deal with the challenges that our modern society presents.

The Create 4 Life project focus's on the change from and industrial economy/society to the new emerging connected economy, which is about exploration, personal production, networking, making connections and active participation.  At the heart of this new emerging connected economy is creativity.

For offenders/ex-offenders to embrace this new economy they need to develop their creative capabilities and understand how to make positive connections to increase their Social Capital.

Sometimes its a small creative connection that makes a life time of difference.

Executive project summary

Click here for policy makers executive project summary
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